Learning from the Past for the Future: Literacy for All

The 18th Nordic Literacy Conference


The 21st European Conference on Literacy

We are very pleased to invite you to register for The 18th Nordic Literacy Conference & the 21st European Conference on Literacy under the heading of Learning from the Past for the Future: Literacy for All.

The conference form is very informal. No one is paid for presentations. Participants do not sign up in advance for a presentation. As a presenter, you may therefore find that only a few, or very many participants turn up. That’s what makes the conference so vibrant.

Literacy for All

From the European Declaration of the Right to Literacy:
Literacy is fundamental to human development. It enables people to live full and meaningful lives, and to contribute towards the enrichment of the communities in which we live. By literacy we mean the ability to read and write at a level whereby individuals can effectively understand and use written communication in all media (print or electronic), including digital literacy.

Literacy is an essential prerequisite for all kinds of learning. In the knowledge-based societies of the 21st Century, the rapid spread of new technologies and a constantly changing work environment, literacy learning is no longer limited to childhood and adolescence but must be recognised as a lifelong need and requirement.



Read the European Declaration of the Right to Literacy.

Important dates



June 15th : Call for contributions

November 1st : Deadline of submission of abstracts

December 1st : Registration opens for all



February 1st-15th : Letter of acceptance of contributions

April 1st : Latest registration of presenters

May 1st : Latest registration for early birds

June 25th : Latest registration for others than presenters

August 4th – 7th : Conference in Copenhagen

€ 200
Participation Fee
  • Entrance
  • Coffee Break
  • Certificate

€ 70
Accompanying persons
  • Entrance
  • Coffee Break

Event Schedule

1Registration opens9:00 Efterslægten
2Lunch break12:00 Efterslægten
3Conference openingThe Danish Reading Association and FELA 13:00 Efterslægten
4Plenary sessionProf. Carsten Elbro, University of Copenhagen, DK 13:30 Efterslægten
5Coffee break15:00 Efterslægten
6Parallel sessions15:30 Efterslægten
7Get together reception 17:00 - 19:00 Efterslægten
1Registration opens8:15 Efterslægten
2Parallel sessions9:30 Efterslægten
3Coffee break10:30 Efterslægten
4Plenary sessionAssociate Prof. Beyong-Young Cho, University of Pittsburgh, US 11:00 Efterslægten
5Lunch break12:30 Efterslægten
6Parallel sessions13:30 Efterslægten
7Coffee break15:00 Efterslægten
8Parallel sessions15:30 - 17:00 Efterslægten
9Social event18:00 - 20:00 City Center
1Registration opens08:15 Efterslægten
2Parallel sessions09:30 Efterslægten
3Coffee break10:30 Efterslægten
4Parallel sessions11:00 Efterslægten
5Lunch break12:30 Efterslægten
6Parallel sessions13:30 Efterslægten
7Coffee break15:00 Efterslægten
8Plenary sessionProf. Kate Nation, University of Oxford, GB 15:30 Efterslægten
9Close of conference17:00 Efterslægten
1Additional program for visiting participantsThe history of the Danish school system. 10:00 - 12:00 Vartov
2Additional program for visiting participantsThe Danish folk high school – from 1844 to 2019. 14:00 - 16:00 Vartov

Short information

Learning from the Past for the Future: Literacy for All


August 4th – 7th


Based on the 11
conditions from the European
declaration of the Right to Literacy.


HF-Centret Efterslægten
Efterslægtsvej 5

Are you ready to join us?

It’s all about meeting and sharing and therefore we look forward to meeting you in Copenhagen august 2019.

Event Organizers

Working to make this conference possible!