We are very pleased to invite you to register for The 18th Nordic Literacy Conference & the 21st European Conference on Literacy under the heading of Learning from the Past for the Future: Literacy for All. During the conference there will be 250 different presentations given by authors from 43 different countries.

In 1948 the first Nordic event on literacy – “The first Nordic conference for primary reading teachers of the dyslexics.” – was held in the ‘Aula Magna’ (Great Hall) of Efterslaegten. The HF-Centre “Efterslægten” is a Copenhagen upper secondary institution.

The event was the starting point for, so far, 70 years of close cooperation not only in the Nordic countries but also in Europe.

We are happy to mark the anniversary by hosting the 18th Nordic and 21st European Conference on Literacy at the same venue: Efterslaegten in Copenhagen.

The limit for participants is 550 inclusive presenters.

The conference form is very informal. No one is paid for presentations. Participants do not sign up in advance for a presentation. As a presenter, you may therefore find that only a few, or very many participants turn up. That’s what makes the conference so vibrant. It’s all about meeting and sharing and therefore we look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen August 2019.

The Board of The Danish Reading Association (LL), april 2018.